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Most Common Reasons behind the Sapient Layoffs

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No one wants to get fired from the job. However, there might be times when an employee has to get fired from the job. When you are at Sapient, the reasons for getting fired are quite similar to the ones that are prevailing in the industry.

Here are some of the most common reasons behind Sapient layoffs: -

• Damaging the property of the company is not a matter of fun or a way of showing your frustration. You can be fired for the same.

• Consuming drugs or alcohol at the workplace is one of the most common reasons for getting fired at work these days. So, it is not just injurious to health but also injurious to your career.

• Doing fraud with the records or in the documents of the company. No matter how small the quantum is

• The refusal to follow orders should be done in a polite manner giving reasons behind why you cannot follow the order. If you get rude at such occasions, you are giving the company a reason for firing you.

• Bullying or charges of sexual harassment will make you lose your job. Make sure that you are well-behaved.

• Constant poor performance at work with no intent of improving will make you lose your job as the company has not hired you to pay you for free.

• Stealing can also make you get fired at work. This policy varies from company to company but is a common reason behind firing.

• Using the properties of the company for personal use can give a reason for the management to fire you. This is acceptable only in cases of emergency, and as long as you are not exploiting the services, you are getting.

• Too many unreasonable leaves from work can also make you lose your job. Therefore, you need to be careful that you are sincere and only take leaves when it is required.

• Every company gives a set of rules and instructions that are to be followed. If you are seen violating them at any point in time, you can be easily fired.

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